How to create a culture that attracts top talent – panel recap

Grateful for the opportunity to help the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and go-getters! I spoke on a panel during Startup Boston Week. Aubrie did a phenomenal job moderating a panel with brilliant colleagues: Melissa, Kevin, and Lori. 

I mentioned a couple resources and wanted to summarize here:

  • Bring your whole self to work. Adore the culture blog by Motley Fool. I’m especially cautious that bring your whole self to work does not mean bring-your-bag-of-drama-to-work day 🙂 We are humans going through this journey and it is important to extend compassion in the workplace. 
  • Hiring takes hustle. There are no silver bullets to hiring the “perfect” candidate. Colleague. Every resume is a potential colleague who will add tremendous value to your startup. See the possibilities, be self aware of the startup’s current business stage, and ask meaningful questions.
  • Trust Gap. Understanding how each individual trusts and what they need to bridge the trust gap is incredibly powerful. Some folks automatically trust a person they meet for the first time. Other folks need you to earn their trust. It’s a spectrum, not binary. 
  • Timing & Peak Performance. Understand when you are most productive, energetic, and resourceful. Plan your day around you! Be mindful that your colleague’s most productive time might be opposite of you. Work is no longer 9 to 5. Butts in seats does not equal productivity. 

Good luck to all the participants in the session! Have a great time during Startup Boston Week! 

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