About Me

Engage | Listen | Delve | Assess | Courage | Choose | Plan | Action | Results

Hi, I’m Rachel O’Neil!

My organizational courage is to ask the thought provoking questions that engage people-employees-teams-leaders to think, reconsider, and self-assess. Easy questions satisfy; thought provoking questions make you think and explore a topic more deeply. These questions drive leaders to delve deeper into its motives, alignment, and outcomes from their decisions. I’ve heard that is takes 5 questions to get to the root cause. Let’s get started and find out.

Organizations are made up of a collection of diverse humans. I’m constantly revising and curating the way organizations choose to live, breathe, and grow. I shake things up, not for its own sake, to vet leaders’ choices and expected outcomes. Fundamentally we are creatures of habit. What happens organizationally when we stretch outside our comfort zone? We grow! We learn! We succeed beyond our own zone! Nothing grows in a comfort zone with the status quo as its energy source!