Anti Racism Sessions

I host White Caucus Affinity Groups where folks can opt-in to ask questions without attribution.

Karen discusses Racism: Questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Why am I using “Karen”? I realize it is a polarizing moniker.
I am / was Karen.
I can both identify with Karen and shed Karen.
Finally, I speak Karen.

Dismantling 400 years of racism will take frequent conversations for White Privilege individuals to realize the compounding impact of Systemic Racism, White Supremacy, and Power Dynamics.

I firmly believe the EMOTIONAL LABOR of dismantling systemic racism is on White People. I’m very public about this on LinkedIn and my social media, both professional and personal.

I coach CEOs of high growth, high impact startups. In the startup ecosystem, we teach entrepreneurs and startups to disrupt ALL THE TIME. Disrupting the power dynamic of White Supremacy is no different. Discussing Racism is Uncomfortable.

So how do we move through the discomfort. Well, I have to confront my own “Karen” identity. Acknowledge and grapple with my White Privilege. Determine for myself, how I can genuinely, authentically move the uncomfortable conversations forward.

Consent. We consent all the time. The black and brown community did not consent to 400 years of racism. A powerful person obtains consent. A weak person uses power in lieu of consent. Unknowingly, White People are trying to keep the power dynamics status quo. Including me.

This is a marathon; not a sprint. Take one step. Learn. Repeat.

I believe love is a possible solution.

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