HR Solutions

Why PeopleNova?

We believe that Human Resources is a key business advisor, not just an administrative function. Welcoming employees to your company is exciting and we help you keep that excitement throughout the employment lifecycle. We offer a business-focused and practical approach to solving legal employment matters. We use our considerable business experience to provide you with proactive legal risk management, that helps avoid problems before they arise. You have questions, we can help.

We help growing companies…

  • Create a foundation for a flourishing organization culture
  • Quickly solve legal employment matters
  • Provide options when employment dilemmas arise
  • Avoid the financial burden of full-time HR staff

Employment matters are a high risk topic where shortcuts can derail a growing business. Early stage companies have a lot at stake to build a product, earn clients, and develop trust in the marketplace. Avoid the consequences of a tarnished corporate culture by addressing employment matters early.  

Happy to discuss your business and practical approaches that work for you.


Our Approach

We work at your office to be available to your team on site as needed. And being available won’t translate into skyrocketing costs, because our fees are a fraction of those at large consulting or law firms. When we participate in team huddles about a new business development deal or product plan, you get the benefit of proactive employment advice without worrying about the cost.

We want you to have the advantage of handling day-to-day employment matters in a cost-effective manner. Most of our clients have access to traditional law firm counsel for highly specialized work. We don’t replace law firm counsel, we work collaboratively with your existing partner network or help make introductions.

PeopleNova is an innovative approach blending employment solutions and legal services for startups, scaling businesses, and small businesses. We have substantial in-house experience to provide as needed services at a fraction of the cost hiring a full-time executive-level HR person.

We can seamlessly integrate into your business, quickly get up to speed, audit your internal systems, and maximize valuable partner relationships. We can be as involved as you need to win new contracts, develop a hiring plan, and scale quickly. We can be as flexible as you need to keep you educated on legal employment matters, boost your self-sufficiency with employment superpower, or help you triage a quick question.

Happy to discuss your unique situation and solutions to help your business.


Our Fees

You are unique and so is the best fit for your situation! We structure client relationships in a flexible manner, to create the best partnership for you and the team.

Generally, if you need purely on-demand services with no pre-arranged time commitment we charge an hourly rate that is below market rate for a full-time executive-level HR. A project based budget for planning is always an option.

If you want a dedicated extension added to your team up to 2 days/week, we often agree on a negotiated weekly or monthly rate. While you benefit from the blend of legal and employment expertise, we don’t charge like law firms charge per phone call or email response. The savings you generate are a fraction of full-time executive-level HR with the benefit of integrated, timely solutions.

Happy to discuss your unique situation and fee structure.