PeopleNova Podcast

Small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy. The human impact in business has become more crystallized than ever before. While you may be B2B it’s really H2H. How you show up to leadership, either of your self or within an organization, leaves a lasting impression. Hear from some of Rachel’s favorite humans on how they reflect on the humans in their world.

The show is about the human side of business, the blur between personal and professional life, the relationships we nurture, and our own self awareness.

And on it you will hear Rachel interview amazing people as they describe the roller coaster of emotions we experience through the progress and setbacks of working with lovely, sometimes angular, wonky humans. 

And you should listen for two reasons 1) you are trying to be your best self while scaling a high impact, high growth startup and 2) you believe organization culture is your strategic advantage.